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      1. Tel  : 0510-85070037
        Export packing
        Propolis soft capsule
        Royal jelly producing capsules
        Royal jelly producing
        Ripe plum HuaiMi
        Fresh royal jelly
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        誠聘英才 RECRUITMENT
        Welcome you to join us. Our goal is to become the best partner for customers around the world. Work together to create a bright future together with us. [More]
        公司簡介  ABOUT US
        Located beside the scenic Lake Tai, WUXI LONGLIFE HEALTHCARE FOOD CO.,LTD. has been engaging in the processing and exporting business of bee products for about twenty years. She is one of the appointed enterprises by the China Bee Product Association for export of the fresh royal jelly and its frozen dried powder. And she is also one of the largest bases for processing and exporting of BEE PRODUCTS in China.
          As early as 2002, the Enterprise was attested both by the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and the ISO9001:2000(International Organization for Standardization), which are internationally accredited and most authoritative in the world. In fact, she is the only enterprise that has got both attestations among the same trade in China.......
        產品展示 PRODUCT
        Physiological and pharmacological …
        Royal jelly knowledge
        Knowledge of propolis
        聯系我們 CONTACT
        Add: wuxi binhu OuJinCheng bay street no. 7
        Contact: Liu Zhi yu
        服務承諾 Pledge
        Hengsheng people are with an open attitude, as always, keep technology research and development with the advantage of internal management
        The hengsheng, care will certainly is a modernized enterprise full of vitality and vigor
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        P.C:214123 Contact: Liu Zhi yu Tel:0510-85070037  Fax:0510-5062617   Http:www.tangbee.cn    
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